Working with your family business

Owning and building a business is a satisfying journey to embark on. It is a passion that we share with you.

We understand that the business you have created, the people you have surrounded yourself with, the clients you supply with goods or services, the community you are a part of and the family you have been supporting are all important to you.

We also understand that as you grow your business, keeping up with all the changes necessary to ensure your business will continue to grow in a sustainable way, to keep your people motivated and performing and to ensure that your family is on this journey with you can seem like an impossible task.

A balanced approach

It takes a balanced approach to provide business sustainability, people focus and family harmony.

At LiquidGold, the support we provide to family business is not just work – it’s a passion.

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We live for the success of our clients and like to work with you as true partners for the future.

What are some of the first steps you can expect when engaging us?

While every family business is unique and will require a unique journey to get the best outcomes, there are some key steps you can count on:

We make sure to get
to know you:

  • Understanding what makes your business successful and who you, the owners, are
  • Taking the time to identify what a successful outcome would look like for you.
  • Ensuring that we are the best people to deliver the desired outcome for you.

We create the journey with you, rather than for you:

  • Agreeing on key outcomes and timeframes and showing you a clear pathway forward.
  • Using our experience and knowledge to create the most appropriate meeting schedules and processes for your family or business.
  • Seeking feedback from you throughout to ensure that we are on track to achieve the necessary milestones along the way.

We understand when we are not the right people at the right time:

  • Sometimes, circumstances change or there are other, more pressing, matters that impact on your family or business.
  • We will always put you first and take a step back if we need. In the past, we have happily done so on our own accord.
  • We will never recommend work or continue working with you, if it is not in your best interest or not adding value.

Why Work With Us?

  • In the past three years, Michael has helped us to recruit our Sales Manager, Business Development Manager and two Sales Estimators. They have been great additions to our team and we were very impressed with his level of knowledge, attention to detail and the strategy he developed to work with the top candidates in their space.

    Rob Newton Laser Central

  • Susanne’s gentle approach, which involved forming a deep understanding of each family member’s personal story and how they fit into the business, meant that she was able to help us at a strategic level to develop guidelines for the business, providing a formal structure for each family member’s roles and their place within the company.

    John McDonald NCP Group