Creating the right succession building blocks

If one of the following questions keeps you awake at night,
then we are here to help:

  • How do we protect our family business or wealth and share it fairly?
  • How do we manage the need of multiple generations in a period of transition?
  • How do I prepare the next generation to be responsible shareholders or executives?
  • Do my children want to be involved in the business and are they prepared enough for this?
  • How do we create good family conversations?

Multigenerational Change

Managing generational change and having to consider a growing number of family share – and stakeholders requires clarity and transparency around control, decision-making and expectations set for the business and family members working within it.

Without creating the right building blocks to manage these aspects and setting up clear communication and rules, family members might feel unclear and uncertain about their role today and into the future, creating conflict and pressure on the family and business.

We help your family in business to create a suitable framework to manage aligned decision-making with a long-term outlook for current and future generations.

We will help you to balance family,
business and operational links

to create a strong foundation for the future

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Why Work With Us?

  • In the past three years, Michael has helped us to recruit our Sales Manager, Business Development Manager and two Sales Estimators. They have been great additions to our team and we were very impressed with his level of knowledge, attention to detail and the strategy he developed to work with the top candidates in their space.

    Rob Newton Laser Central

  • Susanne’s gentle approach, which involved forming a deep understanding of each family member’s personal story and how they fit into the business, meant that she was able to help us at a strategic level to develop guidelines for the business, providing a formal structure for each family member’s roles and their place within the company.

    John McDonald NCP Group