Recruiting the best key non- family staff

We often hear business owners state that “people are our most important asset” and we couldn’t agree more. However, that statement only holds true if they are the right people for your business.

Putting the right people in the right places, with the right structures to support them, is something we are passionate about and pride ourselves on. We have supported family businesses in the recruitment and retention of key roles in their businesses for more than 15 years.

Right person, right role

These roles have the potential to have a profoundly positive or negative impact, both on the family businesses we work with and the careers of the people we place in them, so we take the responsibility of assisting our clients with this critical process to heart.

Our process revolves around searching out leaders who can demonstrate a track record of, and continue to be motivated by, delivering outstanding outcomes, ideally in family business environments.

We assess not just their skills, but their ability and motivation to apply those skills and deliver the outcomes needed, while being aligned with your business culture and values.

We can assist with:

  • Executive/senior management team appointments
  • Expert functions in your business
  • Board appointments

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Why Work With Us?

  • In the past three years, Michael has helped us to recruit our Sales Manager, Business Development Manager and two Sales Estimators. They have been great additions to our team and we were very impressed with his level of knowledge, attention to detail and the strategy he developed to work with the top candidates in their space.

    Rob Newton Laser Central

  • Susanne’s gentle approach, which involved forming a deep understanding of each family member’s personal story and how they fit into the business, meant that she was able to help us at a strategic level to develop guidelines for the business, providing a formal structure for each family member’s roles and their place within the company.

    John McDonald NCP Group