Family business and legacy is in our blood

For us to build a consultancy with the sole focus being on providing long-term support to family businesses is certainly no accident.

We do have family business and legacy in our blood and care deeply about the sustainability and ongoing success of our clients.

Susanne Bransgrove

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Susanne is the third generation of a German family business, which first registered 375 years ago.

While the business has not always been in her own family, Susanne understands how much the history and current success mean to her family’s present and future, but also how much employees and community rely on the family successfully managing the family and business affairs now and in the future.

Michael Simonyi

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Michael is the direct descendant of an ancient noble Hungarian family, tracing its roots back to 1150 and which played a highly influential role, over hundreds of years, in the development of a significant region in Hungary.

Coming from a family legacy background like this, Michael deeply understands the importance of carrying on a family name and ensuring that the heritage is not forgotten.

Family succession :

We know that there are many issues around succession for family businesses and while we would love to address all of them, we are conscious to only do what we can support you with best and to leave other areas of expertise to other important advisors.

However, our services do cover the foundation pieces needed to successfully balance the needs of multiple generations and upcoming succession change.

The key foundation areas that we have been helping our clients with over many years and would love to support you with:

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  • Creating the right succession building blocks with
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  • Recruiting the best key non-family staff for your business
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  • Creating meaningful next generation education & integration
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We’re here to help

Our experience tells us that not two journeys of a family business are the same, so we do spend time to listen and understand what matters to you.

If you feel that you need some help to shape the future for your family and business, then we would love to talk to you about your specific family business needs and build long-term solutions with you.

Susanne Bransgrove & Michael Simonyi
Founders and Directors, LiquidGold Consultants