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Family Enterprise Solutions

We support succession, enterprise growth, family connection and cohesion as well as  organisational effectiveness with our deep experience, professional dedication and commitment to positive change.

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Meaningful Family Enterprise Strategies

Supporting Family Businesses and Family Offices

​LiquidGold Consultants is best known for providing strategic guidance and practical implementation in the areas of ownership/family alignment,  governance improvements and communication flow.

Our main focus is to support families to better connect with each other or to make joined decisions in relation to family issues or managing main assets - whether this is a business or wealth. ​

If you need help ​to realign the family group, create better decision-making frameworks or cut through the tension that has built up why not meet with us. ​We are known for:

  • Truly understanding family dynamics

  • Strategic agility and leadership

  • Change management skills

  • Our care for the people behind the assets

We understand family complexities intimately and welcome you to put us to the test! 


What our clients have to say about us

Susanne’s gentle approach, which involved forming a deep understanding of each family member’s personal story and how they fit into the business, meant that she was able to help us at a strategic level to develop guidelines for the business, providing a formal structure for each family member’s roles and their place within the company.”

John McDonald, NCP Group

“In terms of family business and succession, Susanne is one of the best in Queensland (if not in the Country).

Susanne is an exceptional professional in all respects. She listens, understands the client and their needs and works to find solutions for the benefit of everyone.”

Matthew Rouse, Rouse Lawyers

“I think of Susanne as the guardian of family governance. She brings real heart to the work she does - as well as a huge depth of knowledge in family and business governance - which helped her to understand what we needed.”

Janelle Gerry, Steinhardt Group

Some of our valued clients


Steinhardt Group

Bundaberg, QLD


Ranger Lifting Gear

Sydney, NSW


Mitchell Group

Melbourne, VIC



Gold Coast, QLD

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