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Family Cohesion/Connection

Our favourite quote coming out of the family advisory space is:

"Relationships trump Process,

Process trumps Structure"

We know from experience, that without a foundation built on good communication and a stable connection, it is difficult to address any issues - whether it is relating to a trading business or wealth. 

Our team understands how to help families improve communication, overcome tension and supports individuals with personal growth.

Succession and Governance 

 'Succession' or 'Governance' are such awkward words and if there were better ones to use in this context, we would! 

For us, Succession is an incredibly important project that families have to navigate to successfully support the next generation in taking on the responsibility of managing the family business or wealth in the future. 

Governance is the practical framework of putting good process to build good decision making capability - for the Family, the Business, the Family Office.

We can assist you with strategic project management to help map out a meaningful and logical pathway - and we will hold the family together while you walk it. 

Next Generation Mentoring

We believe that being part of a Family Enterprise is a difficult task. 

It is an 'unnatural' environment with limited constructive feedback for the next generation to grow from.

In addition, it raises many questions. 

What is our worth outside of family enterprise?

Who am I really and what is my purpose in life?

Am I allowed to make decisions for myself that are not in line with the Family Enterprise?

How do I ask for what I need?

We have helped many next generation family members with personal growth and a better connection to their family and family enterprise with carefully considered mentoring. 

Hands of farmer growing and nurturing tree growing on fertile soil with green and yellow b

Helping with complex questions

Do you wonder........

  • How do align family members to a common vision for the family's assets? 

  • How do we balance strategic direction, daily business issues and family dynamics?

  • How can the next generation make good business decisions together - now and in the future?

  • What would a fair succession/transition of assets look like and how can we discuss this without too much conflict?

Whilst incredibly difficult, it is important to set up ownership succession / wealth transition and governance early - before uncertainty leads to conflict.  

If you want to set your family up for long-term success, this requires careful planning and investment in the right processes and structures.

We can help you to get the process and conversations started.

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