Our Key Services.


​We believe businesses need foundational pieces for effective governance to guide good decisions:

  • Good communication

  • Setting and recording of precedents 

  • Adding independent perspective to ensure forward motion and accountability 


Providing advice on how to best structure functional governance across family and business systems is one of our key offerings. 

We shared our perspective  on the value of adding independence to boards on Skynews:


Succession Strategies

A workable succession strategy has many moving parts and requires a variety of input from other advisors - at the right time in the right way.  

The challenging part is to understand which questions to ask to find the answers that matter - in the right order - and which advisors input is needed at certain times.  

We excel at mindfully and skilfully leading the strategic process of balancing the differing needs of share- and stakeholders with the complex and varied options that should or could be explored.

As strategic change architects, we project manage the succession process with you! 

Individual Mentoring

Susanne has been working with many individuals who are part of a family business, providing guidance on managing the complex and diverse roles they have to manage. Be it as a responsible owner, an accountable director or responsibly executive. 

If you would like a mentor, who has walked the walk - in her own family business and alongside other family businesses - then contact us for an initial conversation.


Do you sometimes wonder...

  • How to create better decision making frameworks?

  • What would a fair succession look like and how can we discuss this without too much tension?

  • How do we know what family members need or want?

  • How can the next generation make good business decisions together?


We believe it is critical to set up ownership succession and governance to minimise future disruption and allow good decision-making without ongoing arguments. 

A strong platform for the future requires careful planning and investment in the right processes and structures.


If you have questions similar to the above or wonder how to manage the increasing complexity in your business or within family dynamics, then maybe it is time to take a first step.