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Who is LiquidGold Consultants

LiquidGold Consultants is a specialist consulting firm, dedicated to assist family enterprises in tackling the difficult issues of succession, next generation education and integration, governance and communication. 

Our clients are mostly based in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria and either have family offices or active businesses. (If you are not sure whether we might be able to assist you in your location or with your specific issue or structure please make sure to contact us to find out - we are always up for a chat)

To help our diverse clients (every family is unique after all), we create unique solutions, using customised strategies and suitable structures to create better family cohesion, communication, governance and focus. 

Importantly, we understand that families are complex and the issues they face often deeply personal. This is not scary or new to us and you can trust us to stay next to you to guide the conversations and create forward motion. 

At LiquidGold Consultants, the support we provide to family enterprises is not just work, it is what we live for.

We commit to working with you as true partners for the future. 

Our Team - Your Team

Where the Passion Begins


Susanne Bransgrove

Change Strategist and Governance Expert

Susanne Bransgrove is best known for providing strategic guidance to family businesses in the areas of ownership/family alignment, business governance improvements and smoother communication flow across organisations. 

Growing up in Germany as part of a third-generation family business has provided her with a sound foundation for understanding the range of issues that arise when needing to balance the performance of the family business with the differing needs of multiple generations. 

Susanne has the ability to build bridges between generations or when conflict exists and she considers herself a compassionate leader, who can bring positive change in difficult situations.


Ishara Sahama (she/her)

Impact Strategist

Ishara's speciality is to connect diverse generations to their own articulation of and desire for impact. 

An important aspect of her work is to create relevance to a conversation that is critical in multi-generational families with trading businesses or wealth.

Her speciality is to assist in articulating an aligned vision that has relevance and positive impact now and into the future.

Ishara is passionate about co-designing experiences, programs or systems that leave a positive & lasting impact.

She is skilled at transforming human emotions and socio-cultural motivations into tangible outcomes that can be easily evaluated for its impact.


Rebecca Niebler

Mindset & Leadership Coach

Rebecca holds a degree in business psychology and has 15 years experience in organisational development and culture change roles across a diverse range of industries around Australia.

Her special interest area is "systemic coaching', which looks at the individual in the system and how the system impacts the individual. 

Rebecca's passion is to create positive change by building trusting relationships, taking a holistic view of each family member as well as the system they are part of. 


Greg Griffith

Strategy and Process Improvement Expert 

Greg is an accomplished and versatile business consultants with over 20 years experience in various industries including family business, agriculture and sports and retail. 

He is skilled in complex problem-solving, business analysis as well as project management, with a strong ability to identify opportunities for improvement. 

Greg is a critical link within LGC to business performance and functional governance and his deep knowledge of the family business sector - via his family's business as well as being CEO of the industry peak body - provides him with a level of understanding necessary to guide our clients through necessary change. 

Our Expertise in Action

Showcasing some of our speaking engagements as family enterprise governance and succession experts


Polish Next Gen Conference

May 2021

Asian Family Office Symposium

Hong Kong 2019

Asia Family Office Symposium Hong Kong .jpg

SkyNews Australia


FBA National Conference

Hobart, 2015

Susu on stage.png

Succession Building Blocks

We build business succession platforms for our clients that provide:

Connected Family Boards

To enable family cohesion and next generation integration

Strategic Shareholder Groups

To make good decisions for today and the future

Performance focused Enterprise boards

To look after the best interest of the family, no matter who is leading the business operation

"Susanne displays great empathy with her clients and easily understands their needs and goals.

In relation to Families in Business, she is able to see and foster the necessary cultural fit between the parties. She has the determination and drive to achieve the outcomes needed. A great person to work with.”

- Graham Thomsen -

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