LiquidGold Consultants is a family business specialist consulting firm, based out of Brisbane, Australia.

We have a strong track record in achieving outstanding results for our clients and work with a variety of customers across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

It takes a balanced approach to create the right strategies across business and ownership, the right structures for succession and dedication to stay next to you no matter how difficult the journey might seem at times. 

At LiquidGold Consultants, the support we provide to family and privately-held businesses is not just simply work.

We live for the success of our clients and commit to working with you as true partners for the future. 

How we work with our clients.

We understand that the business you have created, the people you have surrounded yourself with, the clients you supply with goods or services, the community you are part of and the family you have been supporting are all important to you.


We champion family business growth and organisational effectiveness through passion, quality, and positive change.


At LiquidGold Consultants, the support we provide to family and privately-held businesses is not just simply work. We dedicate every hour to create outcomes and improve our craft. 


Accelerate our client’s family and business objectives by helping them make sound and strategic decisions for the longevity of their family in the business.

Our team - your team.


Susanne Bransgrove

Change Strategist and Governance Expert

Susanne Bransgrove is best known for providing strategic guidance to family businesses in the areas of ownership/family alignment, business governance improvements and smoother communication flow across organisations. 


Growing up in Germany as part of a third-generation family business has provided her with a sound foundation for understanding the range of issues that arise when needing to balance the performance of the family business with the differing needs of multiple generations. 

Susanne has the ability to build bridges between generations or when conflict exists and she considers herself a compassionate leader, who can bring positive change in difficult situations.

Shreya Gupta.jpg

Shreya Gupta

Business Strategist

Shreya Gupta is a marketing and business strategy consultant with over 9+ years of experience in Australia, India, and the United States.

Shreya has experience working across professional services, consulting, and membership-based organisations. Her experience working with a variety of stakeholders, as well as with large and small organizations, has helped Shreya establish a track record of high service orientation and a long-term focus.


In her previous roles, Shreya has worked with EY and Deloitte in the Strategy/Transactions and Client Account Management roles respectively. Currently, Shreya supports The Women in Family Business Network as a Marketing Manager.

"Susanne displays great empathy with her clients and easily understands their needs and goals.

In relation to Families in Business, she is able to see and foster the necessary cultural fit between the parties. She has the determination and drive to achieve the outcomes needed. A great person to work with.”

- Graham Thomsen -


Some of our speaking engagements as family business governance and succession experts

Polish Next Gen Conference, May 2021
​Asian Family Office Symposium, Hong Kong 2019
​SkyNews Australia, 2014
​FBA National Conference, Hobart 2015